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Additional services

Furthermore OEKOPOST allows you enriching your (hybrid) mail with additional options like the selection of your personal stationary, your (company related) terms and conditions, enclosures and print supplements ? make your choice about any of these selections with one mouse klick!

Data security

Especially in times of increasing data misuse OEKOPOST considers it to be inevitable to protect your privacy and to take care for the security of your data!
Data security is important to OEKOPOST.
That's why no software designed by any third party supplier will be used. The entire process of data processing is made within an internal process chain and thereby significantly disffers from other providers.
  • We are specialist in the environment of hybrid mail
  • Perfect quality and high reliability is regularly confirmed by our customers
  • Best printing quality is guaranteed by Xerox production printers
  • Constant colour quality ensured by regular maintenance and technical checks
  • Own production chain for printing and enveloping
  • We do not leave your data to third party providers and monitor our production in our own OEKOPOSTprint centers.
  • Secure data transfer made by https and VPN

Edition printing

Aside from letters you may also print catalogues and flyers with OEKOPOST, which we will send to your address. For that purpose please upload the corresponding files in pdf format and define number of printouts and printing parameters by "print settings".

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